FCSC 2018

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Unlocking Student Potential with Amazing STEAM Technology in the Classroom
Participants of this dynamic presentation will learn how to combine different cutting edge technologies in their classroom in order to create gamified STEAM projects within the content areas.
Target Audience: Classroom Teachers
Topic Area: Instruction | Instructional Technology

Principal Connections
Charter school principals wear many hats and not many people understand all that we do. Let's take time to realize that we are not alone with our passion, our brilliance and our hard work making our charter schools shine every day. Principals, join your colleagues for this supportive networking opportunity.
This workshop is for active principals only.
Target Audience: School-based Administrators
Topic Area: Leadership | General

Building an Effective Tier 2 and 3 Tiered Support System to Meet The Needs of Youth Who Are At-Risk
This workshop will engage participants with a chance to learn how to improve their schools' tier 2 and 3 support systems for students at-risk. All participants will leave with free resources to identify students through screening, match students to effective interventions, and monitor progress for decision-making.
Target Audience: General
Topic Area: Leadership | School Culture & Discipline

20 Essential Points: Special Education
Charter school administrators play an important role in meeting the needs of Students with Disabilities (SWD). This engaging, hands-on and interactive session will provide guidance to school administrators to address 20 essential points that may ensure their schools can service SWD by providing the required IEP services, supports, and accommodations.
Target Audience: School-based Administrators
Topic Area: Leadership | School Leadership

New School Institute
Opening a new charter school is a monumental task. The Charter Support Unit is a free service available to new charter schools in the state of Florida, and will be sponsoring a series of trainings to help leaders of new schools. The series will kick off with a session at the Charter School Conference, and then plans to meet every other month to help groups opening a new school in August, 2019 or beyond. This presentation will cover topics school leaders should be thinking about now in order to be ready for a successful opening nine months from now.
Target Audience: General
Topic Area: Leadership | General

Finding, Growing, and Retaining New Teachers: KIPP Jacksonville's Baker Teaching Fellowship
Stressed about recruiting and retaining teachers in a competitive educational landscape? Curious about the effective methods to train and coach new teachers? Discover what one charter network is doing to create a bench of experienced and certified teachers available to their schools. KIPP Jacksonville presenters will share the strategies and practices that have been instrumental in supporting the creation of teachers dedicated to pursuing careers serving low-income student populations.
Target Audience: General
Topic Area: Business | Professional Development

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