Special Thanks to Bok Academy

The Florida Charter School Conference would like to thank Bok Academy for providing technical support for the breakout session presenters. The student tech team is a critical part of the success of the conference. Principal Damien Moses’ and teacher Kari Richards’ commitment to their students’ achievement, both in the classroom and in the community, is exemplary. Thank you to the entire Bok Academy team for making the breakout sessions a technological success!

Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice


Special Thanks to the
Florida Education Foundation

Thank you to the Florida Education Foundation for serving as the Florida Charter School Conference’s fiscal agent for the past decade. We greatly appreciate the hard work the FEF team does for the conference.

The Florida Education Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated under the provisions of Chapter 617, Florida Statutes; approved by the Florida Department of State, and a Department of Education direct-support organization as defined under Florida Statutes, Section 1001.24(1), whose purpose is to lead in education enhancements statewide.
Visit the Florida Education Foundation at www.floridaeducationfoundation.org to learn more about what it does.

FCSC Production Team