Breakout Sessions

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Wednesday, October 30, 2019 • 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Educator Quality Updates

This presentation will focus on the Florida Department of Education’s Division of Educator Quality and their role in supporting charter schools and charter management organizations.
Instruction > General | General > K-12


School-based Mental Health

This presentation and discussion will focus around meeting student mental health needs in a multi-tiered framework.
Leadership > General | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


Title I Part A and Charter School Requirements

We will explore what ESSA requirements are and how to integrate the requirements into existing charter school systems .
Business > School Operations | General > K-12


Human Trafficking

What are Child Trafficking Free Zones and what does the new FDOE rule mean for Florida school districts.
Leadership > General | General > K-12 |


You Can Do It Too! Start Your Own In-School Virtual Academy: Best Practices for Enhancing and Expanding Your Academic Portfolio with Virtual Course Options

Come hear about the best practices and lessons learned for developing an in-school virtual academy that allowed the administrators of a small charter school to exponentially enhance and expand their course offerings.
Instruction > Instructional Technology | General > Any Educational Organization |


5 Steps to Cultivating the Greatness in your Students

The Presenters will discuss the importance of having high expectations for all students within his or her educational institution. They will also give some helpful insight that will help facilitate high achievement among all students.
Leadership > School Leadership | School-based Administrators > K-12


So You Want to Start a Charter School?

Once you have decided you have a great idea for a new school, what's next? This presentation is presented by a panel of individuals who have recently gone through the application process and is geared towards individuals who are new to the charter school arena and want to submit a charter application. We will cover important laws you should be aware of, the application process, tips for how to develop a budget, and common application problems. We will discuss tips on how to work on the application, how to establish your workflow and services that are available to assist applicants.
Business > General | Governing Board Members > K-12


Meeting your Parents’ High Expectations: How to Effectively Communicate with Parents and Encourage Them to Become Your Biggest Advocate

It is critical that school leaders effectively communicate and engage with parents —and encourage parents to share their charter school story. Learn from school leaders who have successfully galvanized parents and stakeholders to attended district meetings, speak to reporters, and contact elected officials on behalf of their child's school.
Leadership > Community and Parent Involvement | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


Long-Term Financing and Construction: What all Charter Schools Need to Know

BB&T Capital Markets and BC Construction Group are here to help you with your financing and constructing needs. Join the two groups for an engaging discussion of the ins and outs of the respective fields and their relevance to charter schools.
Business > Finance | Governing Board Members > K-12


Wednesday, October 30, 2019 • 1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Supporting Instruction/Executive Orders Updates

Learn how recent legislative changes to reading instruction may have implications for your charter school. Participants will also gain information about the standards review prompted by EO 19-32 and computer science updates related to EO 19-31. Information will be provided about instructional supports offered by FDOE.
Instruction > General | General > K-12


ABC’s of Activity-Based Content Integration

This presentation highlights strategies and resources for physical education teachers to integrate other subject areas into physical education classes. Attendees will experience activity-based content integration, and all activities presented will be directly aligned to Florida’s physical education standards.
Instruction > Physical and Health Education | School-based Administrators > K-12


Charter School Funding Through the Florida Education Finance Program

This presentation is an introductory overview of the Florida Education Finance Program (FEFP), which is the primary source of operating funds for all K–12 public schools in Florida. Other topics covered will be the reporting of full-time equivalent (FTE) students, new legislation, class size reduction funding, class size compliance and the charter revenue worksheet.
Business > Finance | Business Managers > K-12 |


Charter District Authorizers & School Safety and Security

Charter District Authorizers will learn best practices, training standards and compliance oversight in all matters regarding school safety and security.
Authorizing > School Safety & Security | District Authorizers > K-12 |


Growing Healthy Students with Gardening and Cooking Classes

A school garden and cooking program is an innovative way to teach students and families about healthy eating and the natural world. Attendees will learn about the benefits of a school garden and the strategies to developing their own garden on campus, as well as basic cooking activities that promote healthy eating.
Instruction > General | General > K-8


Avoiding an Audit Finding

The Florida Auditor General recently released a report stating that 16% of charter schools had audit findings in 2018. This presentation will review the major issues highlighted in the report, and provide practical tips on how your charter school can ensure your school has a clean audit.
Business > Finance | School-based Administrators > K-12


20 Essential Points: What All School Leaders Should Know About Special Education

School leaders play an important role in meeting the needs of students with disabilities. This engaging and interactive presentation will provide guidance to school leaders to address 20 current issues such as: differences between an IEP and a 504, compliance, discipline, and access to special education resources.
Leadership > School Leadership | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


Always on My Mind: Questions Boards Should be Asking

Have you ever wondered what data should the board be reviewing, what questions the board should be asking, and what to do with the answers? This presentation will dive deep into just that. Participants will walk away with tools and techniques to ensure they are providing tight oversight over the school.
Leadership > Governance | Governing Board Members > K-12


The Answers To The Problems You Didn't Know You Had

LaRocca and Associates has helped employers navigate through the changing marketplace for over 38 years. We specialize in providing the answers to the questions that you did not know you have. Our solutions allow your budget to go farther, so you can reinvest where it matters most, back into your schools.
Business > General | School-based Administrators > K-12


Wednesday, October 30, 2019 • 3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Accountability Update

This presentation will provide an overview of new tools developed for use in conjunction with the ESSA federal index and VAM scores.
Business > General | School-based Administrators >


Put an End to ENDS in our Schools

The eCigarette use by minors in our schools has reached epidemic proportions as described by the US Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams. This presentation will promote the Florida Tobacco Prevention Training for Educator's latest online professional development course on ENDS - Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems. Become aware of the hazards, and learn about the most current types of these devices entering our schools, and earn (free) PD points toward certificate renewal at the same time. Check out the course overview at
Instruction > Physical and Health Education | Classroom Teachers > K-12


Safety and Security Requirements for Charter Schools

This session will focus on Florida's legislative requirements addressing safety and security requirements and how those directly impact charter schools.
Leadership > School Safety & Security | District Authorizers > K-12 |


Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools: Authorizer Practices to Support Access and Equity

FACSA will present the results of a needs assessment it recently completed through a federal grant. The grant addresses access and services for students with disabilities enrolled in charter schools and barriers that may exist. A proposed action plan will be presented to support district authorizers in ensuring their charter schools adequately and appropriately serve students with disabilities. Participants will be encouraged to provide input into the plan and propose additional actions to address to the issue.
Authorizing > General | District-based Administrators > K-12 |


Every Student Can Write: Using Standards to Drive Writing Instruction

Educators will learn how to use standards to differentiate instruction while preparing students for standardized test writing and writing for higher educational goals.
Instruction > Writing | Classroom Teachers > 5-8 |


There's No Place Like Home: The Many Options of Charter School Facility Financing

As the charter school market has grown during the past 20 years, financing options have grown as well. Our experts will walk school leaders through the pro’s and con’s of modern financing while providing attendees with precise information needed to move forward with their facility planning.
Business > Facilities | Governing Board Members > K-12


Section 504: Myths and Realities in Charter Schools

Charter school administrators and teachers play a pivotal role in meeting the needs of students with a 504 Plan. This engaging and interactive presentation will provide 21 explanations on myths and realities in the Section 504 process and implementation at a school.
Leadership > School Leadership | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


Bringing a DEI Lens to the Board Room

Board members should ensure they are intentionally creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive boardrooms. This doesn't always rise to the priority of board actions, but it is critical to the success of the board and the school.
Leadership > Governance | Governing Board Members > K-12


Getting Students Career Ready with iPad

Join us on an exploration into how mobile technology is impacting today’s workforce and how this is 
redefining skills that are essential to career success. It includes a hands-on experience to demonstrate how iPad can be used to support creativity in any career pathway and how AR can ignite learning in the CTE classroom.
Leadership > Professional Practices | School-based Administrators > 5-8


Wednesday, October 30, 2019 • 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Maximizing Your School's CSP Funding

This presentation guides Charter School Program (CSP) grant subrecipients through required actions that must be completed to maximize a CSP grant award. Subrecipients will learn how to prepare and submit a proposed grant budget, as well as budget amendments.
Business > General | General > K-12


Get on POINT!

The POINT System – Planning, Ordering, Inventory Management, and Nutrient Analysis Technology System – is a system that FNW offers to SFAs to help with the administration of school meals. This presentation will provide a general overview and demonstration of the POINT System and information on how to get on POINT!
Business > Food Service | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


Forge Relationships with Your Government Leaders

This panel discusses how to forge relationships with government leaders at the state, local and school board level to provide accurate charter school information. Ensure that government leaders know your school so that, if issues arise impacting your school, there is already a line of communication established.
Leadership > Community and Parent Involvement | Governing Board Members > K-12


Creating Mathematical Thinkers using Number Strings and Math Talks

Learn how to use number strings and math talks to help students construct flexible, efficient, and accurate strategies. Using these will help create students who are mathematical thinkers.
Instruction > Math | Classroom Teachers > K-5 |


Managing Outstanding Enrollment Lotteries without Draining Staff

Attend this presentation to learn from a panel of Florida charter school principals, a registrar and consultants how they manage their enrollment and lottery process with the highest standards, without draining resources from their staff.
Business > Student Enrollment | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


Learn How to Avoid Fumbled Audits, Get Prepared for Surprise Visits, and Run Your School with High Expectations and at Top Efficiency

In this interactive session, we’ll complete a “pre-audit” to assess how your school is doing. You'll learn how to save money, generate revenue, set up strategic plans, and reduce risks. In this action-packed workshop, you’ll learn powerful tools to improve your school’s operational stability and run at top efficiency.
Business > | Business Managers > K-12


Charter School as Employer: HR Do's and Don'ts

Charter school administrators are not just educational leaders, but also human resource leaders. What exactly does that mean? The presentation will cover state and federal statutory requirements which will range from hiring requirements, performance evaluations, salaried versus non-salaried employees and more.
Business > School Operations | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


Preparing for Facilities Financing

Whether opening a new school, replicating, expanding, moving to a new location, or attempting to purchase your current facility, understanding the relevant credit metrics necessary to secure financing is key! Join our charter school facilities experts to learn and ask questions about the operating and financial metrics used when evaluating a charter school’s credit profile. Knowing what financers look at will help empower your school in its mission to achieve the lowest facilities cost possible.
Business > Finance | Charter School Board Members > K-12


Thursday, October 31, 2019 • 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Charter School Legal Update

This discussion will cover recent legal changes and decisions impacting Florida charter schools, focusing mostly on Florida cases, but also highlighting important legal decisions from around the country.
Business > Legal Issues | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


The Power of Google in the Classroom

The power of Google in the classroom is allowing students to get creative and collaborate in ways like never before. See how Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, and Classroom can engage every student.
Instruction > Instructional Technology | Classroom Teachers > K-8 |


Achieving High Expectations through District-Charter Collaboration

When traditional public schools and charter schools collaborate effectively, students in both sectors benefit. This presentation will provide a framework for guiding cross-sector collaboration, discuss how the New York City DOE is encouraging collaboration and shared learning across sectors, and information about two successful programs in New York City: the District-Charter Collaborative and the KIPP Through College + College Access for All: College Match Partnership.
Leadership > General | General > K-12 |


Teacher Evaluation: Moving Beyond Compliance

Learn how to maximize your teacher evaluation data to drive professional development, foster teacher growth and retention, and improve instruction by creating a feedback rich culture in your school.
Leadership > Teacher Recruitment and Retention | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


A Positive Approach to Misbehaving Students: An Introduction to Positive Discipline in the Classroom and Self-Regulation Strategies

Positive Discipline incorporates the teaching of social-emotional skills and character development every day. Adults model the skills and integrate them into the school’s discipline system. The result is a campus-wide approach for effective discipline and a positive school culture and climate. (Positive Discipline School Classroom and Leaders’ Guide, p.1)
Leadership > School Culture & Discipline | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


Maximizing Your School's CSP Funding

This presentation guides Charter School Program (CSP) grant subrecipients through required actions that must be completed to maximize a CSP grant award. Subrecipients will learn how to prepare and submit a proposed grant budget, as well as budget amendments.
Business > General | General > K-12


Florida Leaders in Authorizing Fellowship

The FLA Fellows share best practices aimed to strengthen the professional competencies and capacity of school districts to help ensure that they approve only high-quality charter schools to operate in Florida.
Authorizing > Standards for High Quality Authorizing | District Authorizers > K-12 |


Thursday, October 31, 2019 • 9:45 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

FDOE Update

FDOE representatives will provide an update on changes — legislative and otherwise — affecting Florida charter schools.
Business > Legislative Issues | General > K-12


A Positive School Culture + Strong Student Relationships = a Happy Place to Teach and Learn

This presentation provides an overview of FDOE's SEL capacity building initiative, highlight a FREE evidence-based proven effective elementary program and feature a panel of charter school implementation champions.
Instruction > General | Classroom Teachers > K-5


Ten Mindsets for Leading a Student-Driven School

Explore ten mindsets for leaders to create student-driven learning environments that foster engagement, empowerment and efficacy for both teachers and students. Engage with the principal, instructional innovator and professional development provider who collaborated to re-culture a Title 1 school to produce student achievement and teacher engagement.
Leadership > School Leadership | General > K-5


Community Eligibility Provision: Making It Work in Your District

Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) allows schools and school districts in high-poverty communities to serve meals at no cost to all students. Learn about the benefits of this program for school administration, staff, and students.
Business > Food Service | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


Creating A Culture of STEM in Social Studies

When people see STEM, they automatically think about science and math, but true STEM infusion can occur in any content area. In this presentation, we will focus on how to integrate the STEM mindset within Social Studies. Participants will gain an understanding of the engineering design process by using it to explore problem-based learning units aligned with Social Studies standards. Resources for planning future units will be provided.
Instruction > Social Studies | Classroom Teachers > 5-8 |


7 Strategies to Enhance School Safety in Your Charter School

Without a doubt, one of the most pressing issues in schools today is safety. This engaging and interactive presentation will outline seven strategies on how to create a safer school and achieve critical educational outcomes.
Leadership > School Safety & Security | School-based Administrators > K-12 |


Preventing New Teacher Turnover with a Teaching Fellowship Program

Research shows that lack of teacher preparation and support are leading causes of teacher attrition. This presentation will outline how KIPP Jacksonville supports and develops new teachers for long-term teaching success. Participants will be able to apply these development structures as a strategy to reduce new teacher turnover.
Business > | School-based Administrators > K-8 |