Student Performances & Art Display


Student Artwork and Opening General Session

LLT AcademyLiteracy Leadership Technology Academy
Leading the way in the Tampa area since 2005, Literacy Leadership Technology Academy (LLT) is an independent, not for profit, K–8 charter school. The mission of LLT is to empower a community of lifelong learners to lead the way in literacy, leadership, and technology. LLT Academy has excelled through their innovative spirit and strong commitment to giving back to the community. In 2017, LLT Academy was designated as a Leader in Me Lighthouse School, the first in Hillsborough County. LLT is also a SACS-accredited school and has earned the following designations from the Florida Department of Education (FDOE): “A” School, “5 Star” School, Golden School, Silver School, and a high performing charter school.
A group of select students from the Middle School Show Choir, WINGS, will be performing the National Anthem and leading the Pledge of Allegiance.
The artwork on display was created by middle school students who choose to take art as their elective. Students work on a variety of art mediums throughout the semester. You can see more of LLT Academy’s work by visiting our school's online gallery.


Closing General Session

Bok AcademyEdward W. Bok Academy
Bok Academy offers a unique educational opportunity that exemplifies and honors the life of the philanthropist Edward W. Bok, who in the 1920’s, created a sanctuary of beauty, serenity, and peace in Lake Wales. Bike trips to Bok Tower Gardens enable our students to really connect with the legacy of the Bok family. Edward W. Bok Academy educates Renaissance thinkers for the digital age. Bok’s curriculum provides a global perspective, an ethos of service, and a keen understanding of the digital world. In addition, the exposure to the integrated nature of knowledge and life will frame every aspect of our work.
Overarching Ideas: Embracing the Keystone concept that all learning is viewed through the lens of architecture and design is central to our work.
This focus is used as a metaphor for all of Bok’s learning. By teaching students about how any individual or society constructs knowledge; this concept spirals throughout the curriculum. Architecture, for our purposes, will be defined as structural design; not just the built environment. We teach the students to understand the interconnectedness of knowledge and avoid viewing learning as just the acquisition of discrete bits of information. This approach enables the staff to create a more cohesive academic program.
The Bok Steel Drum Band will be performing music across a variety of genres — from Caribbean calypsos, to Latin and African folk songs, to popular music at the closing general session on Thursday, October 31.


Thank you to our school performances partners!

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