Attendee Mailing List

Exhibitors may purchase the attendee mailing list for $250. Conference partners receive the mailing list as part of their partner benefits. Non-exibitors will need to e-mail Noelle Bonard.

The list you recieve will not contain all attendees as they have the option to prohibit FCSC from releasing their contact information to third parties. The list will contain: name, job title, org, email email, primary mailing address, primary phone number.

Within 48 hours of your payment being received by FCSC staff, you will be emailed download instructions.

Attendee Count - 654

as of Jul 20, 2018

As of today, 280 of the 654 registered attendees have given permission to release their contact information.

The list rate of 43% will increase to 50-60% as more attendees register.

The bulk of registrations take place with in two weeks of the registration deadline of October 19.


Step 1: Select your Company

Step 2: Pay Online by Credit Card

A $250 charge from the "Florida Education Foundation" will be posted to your credit card.

You will be redirected to a secure payment site.