FCSC 2017

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

It's not Rocket Science. It's Only a BUILDING
The presentation addresses the importance of strategic planning and governance considerations when finding, developing, and funding a new facility - starting with how much can you afford and ending with a building (new or existing) to call home.
Target Audience: General
Topic Area: Business | Finance

Why Secondary Reading Interventions Fail (And What to do About It)
The Florida Standards mandate that all students graduate with the literacy skills needed to be college and career ready. In this session, participants will explore why secondary reading interventions fail to make a difference and what research shows is needed to propel low performing students to meet the literacy demands of the Florida Standards.
Target Audience: General
Topic Area: Instruction | Reading

New School Institute
The Charter Support Unit is sponsoring a New School Institute, which will meet every other month to help groups opening a new school in August. This workshop will cover topics school leaders should be thinking about now in order to be ready for a successful opening nine months from now. Participants will walk away with a detailed to-do-list of things to be completed for opening the school. A copy of the CSU Opening Checklist will be provided to all participants. In addition, participants will be allowed to use a Project Management System (Feng Office) that the CSU will make available to those schools who wish to use it.
Target Audience: Governing Board Members
Topic Area: Leadership | Strategic Planning

Principal Connections
Charter school principals wear many hats and not many people understand all that we do. Let's take time to realize that we are not alone with our passion, our brilliance and our hard work making our charter schools shine every day. Principals, join your colleagues for this supportive networking opportunity.
Target Audience: School-based Administrators
Topic Area: Leadership | General

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