FCSC 2017

Exhibitor Information

EdFutures, Inc.

EdFutures is committed to inspiring schools and organizations to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development through stimulating and comprehensive programs. We support teachers and leaders by offering broad and research-based strategies that will prepare them to open and operate successful charter schools.
In our schools, Strong Principal Leadership is supported by competent financial management, challenging academic curriculum, and carefully selected staff. Purposeful social & emotional development of students create a safe, child centered learning environment. Adult leadership is defined as service. In order to have successful schools and organizations, EdFutures fosters a strong, interdependent partnership within the school and surrounding community.


On-site Representatives:
Judy Bourdeau, Administrative Assistant
Dana Greatrex, Parent and Student Support Person
Greg Ruffin, Chief OPeratioonal Officer
Taylor Smith, Board Member

Booth #: 721


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