FCSC 2017

Exhibitor Information

ACH of America LLC

We provide personnel administrative outsourcing services in a cost effective and varied system to fit the demands and needs of most small and medium size businesses. We bring together clients and their employees in a larger buying group, under contract, to accomplish savings for all for their insurance, payroll, tax preparation, benefits, and claims administration, work. comp., risk management and loss control, 401K and qualified retirement program administration; human resource and regulatory compliance issues and needs.


On-site Representatives:
Richard Chapman, Sales Executive
Robert Douglass, Help Desk Admininstrator
Dan Heisey, Sales Manager
Thomas Herter, Marketing Ambassador
Brian Holbrook, VP Fianancial Services
Mel Marsel, Sales
Carol Siegel, HR Director
Terry Wiseman, Vice President Operations

Booth #: 700


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