The FCSC Team

Program Review Committee

  • Ms. Nicki Brisson, Executive Director, Charter School Support, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
  • Ms. Tracie Dearth, ESE Director, SuperiorSchools - Plato Academy
  • Mr. Thomas Douglas, Board Member, Florida High Schools For Accelerated Learning
  • Mr. Neil Drake, President, Expressions Learning Arts Academy
  • Ms. Bridget Fetter, Principal, Polk State College
  • Mr. Curtis Fuller, Director of Charter School Operations, Building Hope
  • Mr. Keith Hatcher, Director of Adult Education, Truancy, and Charter Schools, Columbia County School District
  • Dr. Joy Hicks, Principal, Quantum High School/Accelerated Learning Solutions
  • Mrs. Rebecca (Becky) Katz, Director of Operations, Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools
  • Mr. Christopher Norwood, Governance Institute for School Accountability (GISA)
  • Mrs. Anna O'Connor Morin, School Administrator, UCP of Central Florida
  • Ms. Constance Ortiz, Head of Schools/Founder/CEO, Green Apple School Management/Odyssey Charter School
  • Mrs. Jennifer Perez, Principal, Plato Academy
  • Mrs. Mary Salter, Finance Director, Lake County Conversion Charter Schools
  • Ms. Brenda Santiago, Coordinator, The School Board of Broward County, Florida
  • Ms. Kristy Smith, Senior Account Executive, Northwest Evaluation Association
  • Dr. Regina Solomon, Director, Florida Metropolitan Transitional Academy
  • Ms. Pam Terry, Educational Consultant
  • Ms. Pat Terry, Educational Consultant
  • Mrs. Sherry Watts, Principal , Minneola Elementary Charter School
  • Mrs. Dee Wolfe-Sullivan, Principal, Byrneville Elementary School, Inc.

Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice (IEPC)

  • Mr. Adam Miller, Executive Director
  • Mr. Adam Emerson, Charter Schools Director
  • Ms. Jacqueline Hitchcock, Program Specialist
  • Ms. Karen Hines-Henry, Charter Schools Communications
  • Dr. Chris Muire, Educational Policy Director
  • Ms. Lacrest McCary, Charter Schools Policy Analyst
  • Ms. Lisa Luna, Program Specialist
  • Ms. Vicki Maldonado, Program Specialist
  • Mr. Horace Taylor, Program Specialist
  • Ms. Yolanda Miranda-Hill, CSP Grant Director
  • Ms. Heather Harrell, Grant Specialist
  • Ms. Jahlisa Knight, Grant Specialist
  • Ms. Fenglan Yu, Data Specialist
  • Ms. Bettye Gilliam, Staff Assistant
  • Ms. Kate Goff, Program Specialist
  • Mrs. Sandy Eggers, Virtual Education
  • Mr. Stephen Bochnia, Web Specialist

FCSC Production Team

  • Ms. Roberta Jackson, Adventures in Advertising
  • Mr. Howard Libin, Adventures in Advertising
  • Mr. Mickey Phillips, Adventures in Advertising
  • Ms. Kristen Davis, American Audio-Visual
  • Ms. Lisa Miller, Caribe Orlando Resort
  • Ms. Luisa Guilarte, Caribe Orlando Resort
  • Ms. Mary Lee Kiracofe, Florida Education Foundation
  • Ms. Deb Schroeder, Florida Education Foundation
  • Ms. NoĆ«lle Bonard, Events for Learning, LLC
  • Ms. Laurie Levine, Events for Learning, LLC
  • Mr. John Green, National Expo
  • Ms. Myrna Thomas, On Queue Creative, LLC


September 20, 2017

FCSC 2014

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