Florida Charter School Conference

Pre-Conference Workshops

The following pre-conference workshops will take place on Tuesday, November 19. These events require an additional reservation, but no additional fee. Seat reservations will be accepted until Friday, November 15.

Half-Day Events - 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Workshop for Current CSP Grant Recipients
All you need to know about your CSP Grant! Learn about the FLCSP.org website, how to move between grant phases, and the award letter process.
You will need your FLCSP.org User ID and Password to attend this workshop. This information will be verified at the door. Future Applicants should attend the presentation for Newly Approved Charter School Applicants at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, November 21, 2013.
Only CURRENT grant recipients will be admitted to this workshop.
The workshop is offered again on Thursday, November 21, 2013, from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Charter Authorizing 101
The Florida Association of Charter School Authorizers (FACSA) will provide a half-day Authorizing 101 training for District Authorizers. This workshop will provide a brief overview for both experienced and new charter authorizers to work collaboratively to share best practices, especially in the areas of Application Review Processes and Appeals, renewal Processes and Appeals, Financial and Compliance Monitoring, and How to Implement New Legislative Changes.
This workshop is open to district authorizers only.

Using Data to Dramatically Improve Student Outcomes
In this workshop, charter school governing board members will discuss their role in supporting a data-driven school-wide transition to Florida College & Career Ready Standards implementation. Participants will develop an understanding of a variety of types of data used within their charter school, as well as how educators can effectively use data to improve student achievement. The module includes an overview of Florida’s Value Added Model (VAM) and use of VAM data as part of the new teacher evaluation system.

Free Web 2.0 Tools
This hands-on workshop explores practical, easy-to-use, free tools for teachers to use in the classroom. Most require little background knowledge and can be implemented the next day into the classroom. These tools will enhance student learning, create a more enriching learning environment and help teachers to implement Common Core standards in all courses.
This is a "Bring Your Own Device" workshop.

What Every Charter School Principal Needs To Know To Create An Exemplary School
Learn the strategies used by the presenter in turning around a struggling Title1 middle school in Miami-Dade leading to his selection as Principal of the Year. Topics covered include structured visibility,delegation/collaboration,celebration,culture building,coaching, and promoting change.

Developing a Technology Innovation Plan to Achieve Excellence
The influx of technology into the classroom is here to stay. Why not have a plan? Identify your goals, learn about inventory, funding, and creating professional development opportunities that are effective. Learn how to satisfy the needs of the stakeholders and incorporate technology in all aspects of your school.
This is a "Bring Your Own Device" workshop.


Half-Day Events - 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Town Hall Meeting presented by the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools
Every year, legislative changes and federal mandates impact our schools. In an effort to engage legislators and discuss the needs of charter schools, their students and teachers, FCPCS will host a Town Hall meeting for all charter school stakeholders to attend.
At the Town Hall meeting, panelists representing the Florida Senate and House, school districts, FDOE and charter schools across the state will discuss critical issues including the most recent changes in Florida charter school law, and how they are impacting charter schools. We will also use audience feedback to develop a list of priorities and issues that need to be addressed during the next legislative session.
We encourage all conference attendees to participate and let their voice be heard.
If you have any questions or need further details, please send them to info@floridacharterschools.org.

The Real Implications of English Language Arts & Literacy and Math For Curriculum And Instruction
This workshop introduces school administrators to the Florida College & Career Ready Standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and Literacy and in Mathematics. As is the case with ELA and Literacy, the standards for math will require radical changes in pedagogy and assessment. School administrators will become familiar with standards-aligned instructional practices and learn what to look for when observing in classrooms. School administrators will also consider strategies for supporting K-12 teachers as they develop and deliver Florida College & Career Ready Standards aligned curriculum and instruction.

CPALMS Charter: An Online Community Built by Charter Schools for Charter Schools
CPALMS Charter is an Online Learning Community (OLC) “Built by Charter Schools for Charter Schools” and embodies the theme of “working together to succeed.” This hands-on workshop will familiarize users with content and procedures necessary to use CPALMS Charter. This workshop will provide the opportunity to create accounts and explore the site and all submission policies as well as current content available to teachers and leaders.
This is a "Bring Your Own Device" workshop.

Principal Networking
Ever wish you had time to brainstorm with your colleagues at a conference? Here's your chance to interact with fellow principals. Share what is working at your school or ask how other schools solved the problem you are tackling. Make connections with other principals before the conference starts in order to exchange ideas and counter the feelings of isolation that seem to be inherent in the job of principal.
This workshop is open to school principals only.

Creating an Innovative, Digital-based Classroom to Achieve Excellence
The students of today are consumers in a digital world. How do we teach consumers who live digitally? Join Apple Distinguished Program educators in discovering how to equip and support students and teachers. Educators will share best practices and ways to actively engage learners using multiple platforms of technology.
This is a "Bring Your Own Device" workshop.