Florida Charter School Conference

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Florida Charter School Alliance
The Florida Charter School Alliance (FCSA) is a non-profit advocacy and membership organization in support of charter schools statewide. A key partner in furthering the charter school movement, the Florida Charter School Alliance supports Florida’s public charter schools, their stakeholders and authorizers through: development and monitoring of quality standards, incubation and support for development of quality charter schools, promoting quality by offering data solutions, dissemination of research and best and promising practices, technical and legal assistance, professional networking/ partnerships, professional development activities, advocacy at the state and local levels, and promotion and marketing endeavors. Our mission is to increase student achievement and meet the demand for parental choice by serving and advocating for high performing independent public charter schools in Florida. Our vision is that every family in Florida will have access to high quality educational options.


On-site Representatives:
Ralph Arza, Executive Director
Frank Biden, Board Member
Heather Green, Representative
Laura Hanley,
Lauren Hollander, Board Member
Katrina Samuels, Representative

Booth #: 216

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